Deadlines & Due Dates

Due Dates

Homestead Exemption application:

April 1

Days before deadline
Mobile Home taxes due date:

April 1

Days before deadline
Property Taxes due date:

November 16

Days before deadline

2021 Penalty / Interest Accrual

The last day to pay without penalty or interest was November 16, 2020. 
If a payment is late, interest and penalty will be added to your remaining balance.

  • Interest of .6458% will be added each month to the outstanding balance, based on O.C.G.A. § 48-2-40. For more information concerning this statute access the following link to the Department of Revenue website:
  • A one-time 10% penalty will be added on December 20th.

Important Note About Mortgage Companies

If your property taxes are held in escrow, we will make the information available to your mortgage company; however, it is your responsibility as the property owner to ensure your taxes are paid.

For questions regarding mortgage companies paying your the property taxes on your behalf, please contact your mortgage company directly (especially, if there has been a recent change in mortgage companies).

Current Status / Balance

To obtain a current status or balance due from the Newton County Tax Commissioner’s office, please call (770) 784-2020 or fax (770) 784-2019.

Written requests may be sent to: 
Newton County Tax Commissioner

Main Office

1113 Usher Street Suite 101

Covington, Georgia 30014


Please supply bill number or map and parcel (for real property) on all your requests. To obtain current balance (generally updated nightly), please click here. 

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