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Motor Vehicle Forms

Motor Vehicle Title Application (MV-1)
Apply for a Motor Vehicle Title/Tag using this form.

Affidavit to Certify Immediate Family Relationship (MV-16)
Verify the buyer and seller of a vehicle is related.

Bill of Sale (T-7)
Complete a bill of sale for each buyer and seller when selling/purchasing a vehicle.

Limited Power of Attorney (T-8)
Give permission to another person to complete title and tag paperwork in your name.

Affidavit of Correction (T-11)
Apply for a new title or replace a title using this form.

Affidavit of Repossession (T-16)
Take possession of a vehicle where you are the lien holder.

Affidavit of Inheritance (T-20)
Inherit a vehicle from a deceased person.

Affidavit of Fact for a Motorcycle or Scooter (T-228)
Verify your motorcycle or scooter is road-worthy.

Odometer Discrepancy Affidavit (T-107)
Correct a mistake in the mileage on the back of a title.

Lien Release Notice (T-4)
Allow your lien holder to clear the lien on your vehicle’s title.

Affidavit of Georgia Certificate of Title Lost in the Mail (T-216)

Temporary Plate Extension Application (T-226)
Gain an extra 30 days on your temporary plate. (This can only be used once.)

College/University Plate Application (MV-9C)
Apply for a university specialty plate.

Military Specialty Plate Application (MV-9W)
Apply for a veteran, active military or reserve plate.

Relinquish a Specialty or Personalized Plate (T-237)
Transfer a personalized or specialty plate to another person.

VIN Verification Form (T-22B)
Verify the Vehicle Identification Number of your vehicle or trailer.

Motor Vehicle Data (MV-20)
Request for vehicle information.

Disabled Person Parking Affidavit (MV-9D)
Apply for a disabled placard to hang in your windshield or a disabled plate.

Voluntary Vehicle Registration Cancellation (MV-18J)
Cancel the registration for your vehicle.

Prestige License Plate Application (MV-9B)
Apply for a personalized or specialty plate.

Application for a Replacement License Plate (Tag) and or Decal (MV-7)
Apply for a replacement plate or decal.